Cricket - It's a funny old game

Cricket - It's a funny old game

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Beige Archives: England Use Referral on Team Selection

This article first appeared on the BBC's 606 forum on the 6th of February 2009.

The England Cricket team today confirmed they were ‘confused’ as to how the referral system worked after it was revealed that they had attempted to use one of their referrals to query their team selection for the first test against the West Indies.

Television official Daryl Harper has said that at the end of the second day’s play, England captain Andrew Strauss had approached him and asked him to check whether picking Bell ahead of Shah was a good idea and whether he should have gone in with two spinners.

“This shows a lack of understanding with how the referral system works and what my role is” said Harper “I can’t use any of the predictive elements of television replays so the Hindsight-o-meter is not available. I think they just have to accept who they have picked and get on with it. And this goes for the fans as well”.

When asked his views, umpire Tony Hill said he “didn’t have a clue”, although it is uncertain whether he was referring to the make-up of the England team or umpiring in general.

The Barmy Army also used up one of their referrals when they queried whose turn it was to get in the next round. Upon hearing it was his turn, Gavin “Sly Dog” Harrison was said to be “well gutted”.

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