Cricket - It's a funny old game

Cricket - It's a funny old game

Friday, January 14, 2011

Australia to tender for new Ashes opponents

Cricket Australia today announced that they are putting the Ashes cricket series out to tender for the first time since the original Ashes contract was drawn up back in 1882. At that time, England were the successful applicants in what turned out to be a one-horse race. Cricket historian Basil Wynne-Jones said this agreement was massive for the sport. “It was a fantastic development that the premier rivalry in the sport should be contested by the only two countries who played.”
However, Cricket Australia have, astutely, noted that cricket is no longer played just between these two teams. “Our contract with England for the Ashes has served us well throughout the last 130-odd years but we feel that it is time to review our options and consider injecting fresh blood into a conflict that England, quite frankly, have been mistreating for abut the last 5 years”.
Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh agreed with this saying, “The contract with England has run its course. The arrangement was perfect during the 1990s but this is the 21st century now and we can’t just keep the status quo.  Cricket is entering a bold new era, and Australia needs to be at the forefront of that.  We don’t need England holding us back”.
Cricket Australia have said they are particularly interested in hearing from New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

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